STI Screenings / Prevention Services

Prevention and Screening Services
Prevention and Screening programs are a core function of ASGCC and fulfill an essential part of our agency’s mission. Through community outreach, testing and prevention services, our staff works tirelessly to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. ASGCC reaches over 100,000 residents and visitors annually.

ASGCC utilizes the practice of Harm Reduction, a public health strategy used to help individuals reduce the harm associated with certain risky behaviors. Originally used in the 1980s to help reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS from drug users to the general public, harm reduction is now successfully applied to sexual health education.

Free STI, HIV and HCV Screenings
While this section of our website is currently under construction, please note that we offer free HIV, HCV and STI screenings Cape-wide. For more information, please contact one of our offices.

ASGCC Drop-In Center
With the opening of the ASGCC Drop-in Center on World AIDS Day (December 1st) 2017, our goal was to BRING SEXUAL HEALTH OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Visit us at 148a Commercial Street for free STI screenings, access to PrEP – and PrEP services, including programs that are free and eliminate all financial barriers to this game-changing medication – as well as Narcan distribution and our syringe services, which we’ve been offering since 1995.

50,000 new HIV infections are diagnosed on average annually in the United States. In 2012 a powerful new drug, Truvada, was approved by the FDA to prevent HIV infection in HIV negative people. Truvada is used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. It’s considered safe and effective.
Studies show that the daily use of PrEP can reduce the risk of getting HIV by over 90 percent. ASGCC’s sexual health counselors are available to discuss PrEP with anyone who walks through our doors. ASGCC also facilitates expedited, cost free access to PrEP, and offers free programs to eliminate any financial barriers to this medication.

Free Condoms and Lube
We provide free condoms/lube at all AIDS Support Group locations. Selections include larger size, smaller size, insertable (female condom or “Manhole Cover”), extra thin, extra strong, and many more. Our lube offerings are water based, silicone or a mixture of both. Walk in today to snag a grab bag, and find out which ones are right for you… our staff will give you recommendations based on what works for you!

Partner Services
Not sure how to tell a sex or needle-sharing partner you’ve been diagnosed with an STI and they may need to get tested? Partner Notification is a voluntary service that allows you to notify your partner anonymously. We can assist you with connecting with them when you visit us – or you can call this State program directly: 617.983.6940

Remember, we all have a status. Know yours.