HIV Services

General Overview
Many of the agency’s direct services include comprehensive medical case management, transportation assistance, housing assistance, access to food and nutrition services, and wide range of other services to help people living with HIV/AIDS lead healthy lives.

Medical Case Management
A diagnosis of HIV+ can be a devastating and isolating experience, but with the help of ASGCC staff, clients know they aren’t alone. Medical case management is one of the most important services provided by ASGCC. Staff has expertise in navigating a complex benefit system available to clients, and they help find doctors, mental health services, dentists and other health related professionals so that people not only survive, but thrive.

Our case managers work, when needed, to locate stable housing, food and nutrition assistance, and transportation services, to meet other basic needs. Our medical case managers help over 400 people living with HIV and hundreds of clients who are diagnosed with HEPC (HCV). Their dedication to providing non-judgmental compassionate care for over 35 years has helped many clients live longer, healthier lives.

Transportation can be a barrier to accessing life saving medical care. ASGCC works to ensure that our clients are able to get to all of their medical and other social services appointments. We know that transportation is a significant challenge on Cape Cod and that many of our clients have to travel long distances for medical services. We are here to help clients overcome this barrier.

As many people need to go to Boston for care we can help you get to the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority shuttle which brings people to most Boston medical centers. For people on the outer Cape we arrange taxi rides or volunteer drivers to meet the CCRTA shuttle in Wellfleet. The shuttle makes stops along the Cape as it drives up to Boston. The CCRTA shuttle runs every week day except Thursday.

We can also help arrange more local transportation through our many volunteer drivers who pick up clients using their own cars or one of our two agency vehicles. ASGCC has one vehicle in Provincetown, and another in Hyannis.

All we ask is that clients needing transportation assistance give their Case Manager as much notice as possible and at least two days.

Behavioral Health
The AIDS Support Group offers numerous groups for people living with HIV. Please contact Jill Brookshire at [email protected] for more information.

ASGCC’s philosophy is that Housing is a basic human right and is key component of healthcare. Our Housing Specialist works with individuals to assess housing needs, identify potential housing opportunities, address any challenges, and assist with the voucher and/or application process. ASGCC does not offer emergency housing or immediate solutions to housing challenges.

Since 1996, ASGCC has operated a 10-unit congregate housing facility, known as Foley House, in Provincetown, for clients who experienced housing disparities. It’s been home to nearly 75 men and women over its 17-year history.

Food & Nutrition Programs
Access to good food and nutritious meals is critical for successful HIV treatment. Our clients depend on the ASGCC’s food program that provides daily meals, whether served in a community setting or delivered if they’re homebound. Many of our clients are on a limited budget and rely on ASGCC to help keep them healthy. In Hyannis, ASGCC organizes a monthly food pantry box deliver program for clients to prepare nutritious meals in their own homes.

Peer Support
Would you like to speak with someone about your HIV status – whether you’re HIV+, have recently tested positive, or are unsure of your HIV status? We’re here to offer support. Our Peer Program workers have first-hand experience living with HIV and are available for in-person meetings, or phone/email support.

The agency’s CEO started in this field as a Peer Worker, and he makes himself available for people looking to speak with someone who has first hand experience living with HIV.

Dan Gates, CEO
[email protected]

Other Services

Acupuncture Voucher Program
ASGCC has a voucher program that can help clients access acupuncture treatment. Many clients find this complimentary therapy very helpful in dealing with side-effects of HIV-treatment and other HIV-related issues. This number of available vouchers is limited and clients must have a doctor’s certification that acupuncture treatment is needed to be eligible.

Clients interested in receiving a voucher should contact their medical case manager.

Anyone interested in receiving ASGCC’s monthly agency newsletter, either by US Mail or by email, should contact Dan Gates at 508-487-9445 or [email protected].

Fuel Assistance
Each fall, our case managers In Provincetown are available to the broader community to assist those in need with applying for fuel assistance. Income eligibility applies to this free service.

On a case by case basis, case managers may be able to assist with other entitlement programs that are available. For more information about this program contact us at 508.487.9445 and ask to speak with a medical case manager.